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Business Owners Band Together Against Proposed Parking Ordinance

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More than 100 small business owners are banding together, taking on a potential new ordinance regulating parking spaces.

They call themselves the Walton County Small Business Alliance and they call the potential law a growth stunter.

The organization is mainly concerned with the sheer number of parking spaces that would be needed to keep buildings in compliance with the law and the fact that it would cost more to by the land for the lot than they could afford.

Breaking it down by a formula of square footage and employees at a "standard restaurant", one space is required per 100 square feet of gross floor area, one space per two employees on the largest shift, one space for out door booths seating three, and one space per two outdoor counter seats.

While the draft ordinance is clear that these businesses already in existence would be grandfathered in, the coalition says not true. In the event of a major storm, should a business have to rebuild, they said it would be impossible under such restrictive demands.

"I don't think a one of us owns a business in this whole room agrees that this is business friendly. We do have parking problems....we are a tourist community. Guess what? Every tourist community has parking problems during the season," said Resident Tony Dirk

Tuesday's workshop was an attempt at finding a working solution between these concerned citizens and the planning board.

Another workshop is set for October 2nd.