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Lynn Haven Residents Seek Answers After Reoccurring Flooding

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Residents in Belaire Estates say it's a number of things adding to the flooding issues in their neighborhood. They took their complaints to the city, but were less than pleased with the answer.

And like many Floridians, long time Lynn Haven resident Dori Hosey is used to rain.

"It's Florida," said Hosey. "Almost everyday."

What she just can't get used to is the flooding in her neighborhood. Some of the worst of which happened July the Fourth.

"We watched it all day long," said Hosey. "And the streets just starting filling up."

Driving around Lynn Haven it doesn't take long to find remnants of flooding. In fact, residents say it happens every time it rains-- not just during 200 year storms.

"Now even a regular rainstorm we are flooding," said Hosey. "We flooded again, not the house but it came up midway in the yard, in the middle of August from a regular rainstorm."

At the Lynn Haven commission meeting Monday, Belaire residents sought answers from the city.

"The Mayor was talking about how you need to keep your yard debris on the easement and keep it out of the street," said Hosey. "That's valid... you do."

But, the arguments got more heated when ditches were addressed. Ditches residents say haven't been cleaned out in years.

"We will work on those ditches," said Mayor Walter Kelley at Monday's meeting. 

"That's what you've been telling me," said one resident. "Ever since July the 7th you've been telling me this. And you've given me excuse, after excuse and it hasn't been done!"

"They're completely filled to where they never go down," said Hosey.

Mayor Kelley though says ditches have been cleaned.

"Bay County did it about two years ago with the spider," said Kelley. "Because, I stood there and watched them."

But Hosey says she's not seeing the fruit of any labor as of late and her and the other neighbors want action. And soon.

"I'm not asking for the city to pay for much I just want clean out the ditches clean out the creeks," said Hosey. "I feel like we are entitled to that! Our taxes pay for that don't they?"

Lynn Haven officials say they are working on getting those ditches cleaned out again. Residents in the area still aren't out of the woods yet with some rain on the way for the weekend.