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Bay Point Residents Talk Pet Problems

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The news of multiple cat mutilations in Bay Point has residents talking.

Many members of the community are living in fear for their pets. They met to talk about all their issues.

Along with the two reported mutilated cats this month, Bay Point residents have had other problems with their pets, including a possibly coyotes and about 14 missing cats.     

 "Our pets are our family and so to be without these pets.. is just incredibly stressful," said Romney Speerschnieder, animal activist.  "Every time a cat goes out the door the families are in a state of stress, panic and then pain and sorrow when they don't get them back. Over 14 cats are missing from Bay Point. That is a huge number.. It's extremely concerning."

About 50 residents showed up to discuss the current issues and make a plan of action to solve them.

In July, the community association established a trapping program for feral cats because they had some complaints.   

The residents who showed up today don't agree with the program and started a petition to put a stop to it.

They have plans to reach out to the community association board and neighborhood security to cancel the program. 

To date only 3 cats have been trapped by the program.

"We are going to pass our house on to our children, I want it to be a wonderful place and that's why everybody is here," said Lynn Yarbrough, an event coordinator. "We are not giving up on it.. it's a great place, but right now we are going through a spell. We are going to solve it and this is going to continue to be the great place that we've always known it to be.">

The group has plans to have another meeting to try to solve these community issues.

To date there has been one arrest in the community for animal cruelty; officials from the sheriff's office say they do not have any reason to believe the cases are related.

They are still awaiting test results from the University of Florida about the most recent mutilated cat.

If you are intersected in joining the group they have a Facebook page for Bay Point Residents. Click Here