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The Role Of The Russ House In Jackson County

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One landmark building in Marianna is described as "historic" or even "haunted" and for the first time since 1895, it's for sale to the public. The County Chamber reduced the open market price form $550,000 to just over $250,000 for a building that served as the Russ home for over 100 years.

They filled each nook and cranny with history from the stairs to the original pine floors, it is now considered a piece of Jackson County's prized historic treasure. According to Chamber of Commerce CEO, Jeff Massey, the home has always played a major role in the town, "It was a very significant piece of this community back in its hay day with the tourit and the rounded porches and columns. This is a very iconic structure."

The Russ house was home to five generations of Russ families. Massey says they are still very present in the home, "This is a picture of Francis Russ, daughter of Joseph Russ, who built the house. She lived here for 87 years."

Joseph Russ built coal burning fire places that are still stained with soot. He also gave the home extravagant details, "This is what is called a pocket door and what is unique about this door is it's the second largest pocket door in the state of Florida and it's right here in the Russ House."

Joseph Russ took his life in the home and reports say it happened in his wardrobe, which is now a bathroom. According to Massey the TDC has stories from this experience that took place only a year ago, "Right around the anniversary of the reported suicide of Joseph Russ, we were up here and we noticed this red oozed was coming from the bottom of this cabinet and it was kind of freaky."

The home has only been under the Russ family or the Chamber but now it could be yours.

Next week the TDC will go before the chamber of commerce to see funds will be allocated to purchase the Russ House.