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Was Rain A Good Thing For Jackson County Peanut Crops?

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Farmers are about one week into the peanut harvest season in Jackson County and they are now able to see how this rainy season has impacted their crops.

Farm owner Jeffery Pitman's farm received 50 inches of rain in less than 50 days. With numbers like that it could create a negative bottom line. Combines were out in full force today on the JG Farm.

Peanut hulls were uprooted three days ago and sat out in the dry weather conditions to prepare for the combines. Peanut farmers are now working to get their shells onto the soil and into the combines to avoid problems that have already plagued this seasons crops. White mold has destroyed entire crops in the area and due to excessive rain pesticides were not able to regularly be administered. Farmer Pittman sums up this season, "Net dollar per acre is the smallest its ever been, it costs a lot of money to operate on a farm and any time you have this kind of weather it puts more pressure on the bottom line, so very interesting year. We are looking forward to getting to the end of it and hopefully cash flow through it."

The excess rain could be bad for peanut harvesting but according to Pittman the cotton crops could get the more negative effects of a rain event.