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ONE on ONE with Chief Scott Ervin

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Chances are you use a computer at home and probably on the job, technology has changed the way we live. It's also changed the way law enforcement serves the community.
Panama City Police Chief Scott Ervin says he's seen a lot of changes in his 20 years, and technology is crucial to law enforcement. "When I first started, I share this with my classes as well, we thought the greatest technology was the eraser mate pen, Ervin says,  because we didn't have to use white out on a report because we hand wrote all our reports back then."

Now, police cars have computers that help them do their jobs. Technology is also helpful, but social media, Chief Ervin says, can be a two edged sword.

As for the new texting and driving law that goes into effect October first,  Ervin says it is a secondary offense, meaning a motorist has to be stopped for something else before they are cited for texting and driving.