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Update: Mosley H.S. Band Drum Line Suspended Following Incident

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At the Bay District School Board meeting on Tuesday afternoon, a Mosley High School Band parent asked the Board to complete a full investigation into an alleged hazing incident at Mosley.

Principal Sandy Harrison told News 13 last week that some of the upperclassmen on the drumline threw mallets and sticks at the freshmen. She said behavior like this is unacceptable.

Band members who were involved in that incident were suspended for ten says.

"It was a case of the tail waggin' the dog, and it was a knee jerk reaction, and it is unfair to the kids whose future are being potentially ruined because they played a prank," said Johnny Walker, a parent.

The School Board didn't comment on the parent's request, but Superintendent Bill Husfelt said he's standing by Principal Harrison's decision.

"Mrs. Harrison and I have talked about this, and I believe she talked with all of the students and did the appropriate things for each student that was involved," said Husfelt.


The Mosley High School Band drum line is sitting out for awhile after a suspension due to a hazing incident.

On Tuesday afternoon after band practice, Principal Sandy Harrison said some of the upperclassmen in the drum line threw mallets and sticks at the freshmen.

A Parent called the Band Director and Harrison took action immediately.

"The bands amazing and when it when the kids get back it will recover from this." Harrison said. "but that the message needs to be that the real condoning the band or any other sport or at any a student activities is absolutely not acceptable."

All the band members responsible were punished to up to ten days of suspension.

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