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Panama City Donates a Fire Engine to Nearby City

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Panama City firefighters spend most of their days responding to emergency calls and fighting fires. Sunday, the department gave another panhandle city the chance to do that too.

"I was a fire fighter for one year when the City of Panama City bought this truck," said Chief Wayne Watts, Panama City Fire Department. "It's almost as old as my career… it's actually older than some of our firefighters."

The 1982 Spartan Jaco model pumper truck serves no purpose in Panama City anymore…

"It has been in our reserve fleet for a number of years. We were able to replace one of our front line engines with a newer truck, so the front line truck will become a reserve," said Watts.

… but, it will provide key safety features to a community in-need.

"The safety part is the main thing," said Assistant Chief Mike Long, Monticello Volunteer Fire Department. "We don't have a truck right now that passes all of the NFPA safety inspections.. And this one does."

Panama City donated engine number 403 to the excited, Monticello Volunteer Fire Department.

"With this engine, that would give us two good engines," said Long. "So, if one of the big houses catch on fire, we could put two good engines on it quick. Our guys are just waiting for me to get it home."

It's a win-win situation for both fire departments.

"Most of the fellow's are very pleased with it for the same reason," said Watts. "They are happy that it is going to be used to fight fire rather than being sold for scrap, or to use for birthday parties or something like that."

The engine that replaces number 403 at the Panama City Fire Department is a 2013 Rosenbauer, with more long-term water pumping power.

It can pump 15 hundred gallons per minute with computerized controls, an over all greater efficiency.