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Hiring for the Holiday Season

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If you are unemployed or if just want some extra cash around the holidays, it is the time to start your job pursuit.

Many businesses have already started the seasonal hiring process.

"We need people that can work week nights, weekends and especially Black Friday... that is going to be a busy day for us," said Billy Heming, Manager at Best Buy.

It might seem a little early in the year, but if you are looking for a seasonal job.. it's time to start the search.

"The earlier the better to start looking for them," said Maria Goodwin, Director of Workforce Services at the Workforce Center. "That means getting your resume together, getting your facts together about your employment history, so when filling out applications you have it."

Some stores have already started the hiring process.

"We are always looking for good folks, we've hired some already but we are still looking for good people," said Heming.

"We get you in a little early to train you, so by the time Black Friday comes you know all you need to know about Best Buy," said Delcena Peterson, Best Buy Employee.

The Workforce Center expects about 400 jobs to open up in the region, mostly at retail stores. For job seekers, flexibility is key.

"A lot of the time employers are looking for people that can work outside of that Monday through Friday, because they are trying to get people to make up for the extra extended hours," said Goodwin.

In the job world, the typical holiday season is considered October through January, but there is always a chance for an extension. 

"We have what we call a seasonal position which can turn into a permanent position depending on what the business needs in January," said Heming.

"Anytime you have a chance to showcase what you can do for an employer, I think you have a good opportunity," said Goodwin. "So, if you get your foot in the door and show that you are hard worker and that you are productive.. There's a good chance that you could maybe turn that temporary job into more of a permanent job."

If you are looking for a job, one good place to start is with your favorite store. A lot of larger companies have job openings listed on their web sites.

If you want a list of jobs from many different places, help finding the right fit, or advice you can visit the Workforce Center in-person or online. They continuously update their job database, as companies open positions. Click here for a link to that page.