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Food Pantry Continues to Look for Help

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We have more on the needs of a community service agency.  The Salvation Army in Panama City continues to slowly restock its food pantry shelves.

As we told you last week the constant demands on food items has really diminished supplies over the past few months.  Details on how you can help in this News 13 Problem Solver report.

Helping meet the needs of our community with food is just one of the many service areas of The Salvation Army.  For quite some time, the Army's food pantry supplies at the center on 15th street in Panama City have been stretched.

Lead Case Worker Shae Wells the pantry sees daily activity, "The food comes in and then we get enough people in that comes and takes the food."  Wells says she has seen the numbers go up…the challenge is greater.  According to Wells, "Last month alone, we did 497 families.  We did a comparison to the month of August last year, 200 maybe 67 families."

Shae Wells says the center has actually seen about twenty percent new visitors and, "So everybody is not the same ones that come over and over and a lot of them don't come every three month."

With an average of twenty or more families stopping by daily at The Salvation Army and fewer food items coming in, it doesn't take long for the shelves to go bare once again.

The goal is to supply families who stop by the Army with three days worth of food items.  But they have to wait ninety days before they can return for help.  Wells tells News 13 that another way to help…is by your dollars and ,"if you are not able to can drop the money off and it will be used for food.  You can just designate that's where you want  it to go...that's where it will go.  We are wanting to help the community…we don't want to close down our pantry."  On the day we visited the pantry, Wells told us 32 families had been by that day.

The Salvation Army thanks the community for the support over the past few days.  But, your continued help is needed…non-perishable food items such as canned corn, green beans, other vegetables…also canned meat.

If you would like to donate items in non-glass containers, you can do so Monday thru Saturday at the Salvation Army office at 1824 West 15th Street in Panama City.  Please make sure all food is in date and that the packaging has not been opened.  You can also drop monetary donations or mail your donation to the Army office on West 15th Street.