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Turn Lane Coming To Problem Intersection along 30-A in SoWal

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A long standing traffic issue along the 30-A corridor in south Walton County will soon find relief.

A new right turn lane has been approved at the 395 intersection.

It may seem small to some, but residents are thrilled and so are commissioners after years of back and forth to relieve this major safety issue.

Clearing the intersection of county road 30-A and 395 in south Walton County can be described as constant stop and go.

On a busy weekend, traffic is backed up for about 15 minutes.

The three way stop is held up by cars, semi's, pedestrians, bikers, and even those pulling out from nearby parking spaces.

A round about was the original proposed solution, but the cost and the removal of about 15 parking spots along 395 had some commissioners apposing the build.

Now, the board feels they have a solution that can hold them over for the time being until a longer lasting solution can be determined down the line.

"We hope for at least the next five years that will solve the problem there and get people off the road. Now, one of the problems is pedestrian traffic. I don't know how exactly we're going to look at that problem, but this will alleviate of lot of having to stop and turn," said Commissioner Sara Comander.

Comander said the county is set to save about $600,000 dollars by installing this right turn lane.