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Bay County Celebrates 100-Year-Old Voters

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For National Voter Registration Day, the Bay County Supervisor of Elections office took the day to help some residents to get registered to vote and to honor others who have been registered for a long time.

"Participating in an election and being 100 years of age is pretty awesome," said Mark Andersen, Bay County Supervisor of Elections.

Andersen and staff traveled to 10 homes, Tuesday, to present a commemorative coin and a certificate to 10 special people.

"We are going to 10 homes today to be humbled, ourselves, to be giving this appreciation," said Andersen. "They believe in democracy and they continue to vote even though they are over 100 years."

"When we work the elections, they are coming in to vote and they tell us, I haven't missed an election since I was 18," said Teresa Wooten, Election Volunteer.

There are a total of 14 registered centenarian voters in Bay County.

"I do appreciate it, I appreciate it so much, It's an honor, I will never forget it," said Ruth Conklin, 103-year-old voter.

Conklin's daughter, Joann Hefner said, "she's still able to know what is going on and appreciate the attention and to know what it means.. and that means a lot to us."

The occasion is an added part of an annual event for National Voter Registration day.

"If 103 or 100 years plus is still voting and you are just turning 18, that should be a message about how important they believe it is," said Andersen. "I'm hoping that it will in-turn instill the fact that how important guiding our elected officials really is."

"I really believe in voter registration, I believe in voting, I believe in having a say," said Wooten. "The more people we can get out and make sure that they are registered to vote, the better off we are."

Volunteers from the elections office were set up at ten locations, Tuesday morning, to assist residents with registering to vote or with updating their information.

Those locations include: many of Bay County's City Hall buildings, Panama City Mall, Gulf Coast State College, and Florida State University Panama City.

The elections office is celebrating it's 100th anniversary, this year. The first election in Bay County took place in June 1913.