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Taking On A Professional Golfer

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PGA tour Q-School is rapidly approaching. Q-School gives aspiring pro's the chance to play their way on to the web-dot-com tour and from there on to the PGA tour. Chris Marchand is no where near their level, but he wanted to see how his game compares to someone who does have game.

Almost everybody who plays a sport is curious how their game compares to a professional. I am just like everybody else, I am curious as well.  I know I can't compete one on one so I recruited some help that is Justin Kiefer, our Meteorologist.  Justin is going to help me try and take on Zach Primavera. He is getting ready for PGA tour Q-School along with his buddy Chase Seiffert, looking to continue their careers on the PGA tour.  We are going to see how Justin and I can do against him.  We are going to need some help.

And help we needed.  The first couple of holes Justin and I spent some time looking for golf balls.

When Zach and other pro's typically play courses like this, at Camp Creek where they host the U.S. Open qualifier they will back here in the championship tees or the tips if you will, while most us amateurs will play those blue or white tees way up their makes the game a whole lot more fair.

Zach said, play a tee that fits your game whether it's the yellow tees or the white tee or back where I play on the tips.  Like I said, do whatever is the best chance of having fun, because the level that most golfers play that is all that matters is having fun.

Oh we had fun.  After we straightened out our tees shots, we spent the remained of the day trying to figure out how to putt and chip like Zach does.

I spend about five hours putting, chipping the majority on the range and then go play nine holes just about everyday, because that is where I get most of my work done is on the golf course.

Well apparently practice pays off.  Justin and I not fairing too well against Zach. Lets just say he won.  Reporting from Camp Creek Golf Course Chris Marchand News 13.

Zach will be heading down to South Florida at the beginning of October to take part in the first stage of Q-School.