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Taking Care of Dilapidated Structures in Marianna

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In the past ten years the City of Marianna is working to rid their city of abandoned structures. In order to hold property owners accountable, the 2013-2014 Dilapidated Structure list has been approved.

The list has twenty six structures on it but according to Mayor Donofro Junior, the city tries to work with property owners before turning to demolition.

Abandoned homes and businesses can attract homeless people, rodents and sometimes criminal activity. The city notifies property owners to clean up their land. If they don't take care of the structure the city deems it dilapidated and the property is demolished.

Best case scenario the owner takes care of demolition within sixty days. If they fail to do so the city pays for it and puts a lean on the property.

Sonny Bronson lives across the street from one of the structures on this year's list, "Some people could take up lodging there. There could be activity going on there and of course it could be a danger for the community and so I would rather see it removed from the neighborhood."

According to Mayor Donofro, many structures are repaired by the property owners after the lack of care has been brought to their attention.