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Faith Prevails After Burglars Steal From Accident Victim's Home

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It was a September 15th collision that killed Tony Hayes instantly when an 18-wheeler failed to yield while getting onto the highway. But, just when his family thought it couldn't get any worse it did.

"They broke this window out and got in with our ladder they had out back," said Tommy Hayes, who after burying his 44-year-old-son found the home that they shared burglarized.

"I couldn't even think," said Hayes. "It was right after the funeral."

After busting out the screen and breaking the window burglars looted and ransacked the Hayes' home, stealing everything from weapons to clothes.

"They took everything that was worth anything valuable," said Hayes.

"I was shocked initially I guess," said Shela Tarvin, Hayes' sister. "Then... I was angry"

Tarvin describes her relationship to her brother as close.

"We never hung up the phone ever without saying 'I love you'," said Tarvin.  

So as she got her wits about her she sat in her brothers recliner and started to put back the pieces slowly.

"I was just looking around for some reason," said Tarvin. "I looked back at the coffee table which was behind me and I saw this book."

"It was as if he left it there because he knew me and he knew I'd look for signs," said Tarvin.

The signs were simple for Tarvin. In a hand written note to his son on the inside cover of the book about the pitfalls of Darwinism, Hayes spoke about walking with Christ. He wrote to his son the importance of faith.

"He had it in his heart," said Tarvin. "He had a lot of things happen to him, but that was one thing you couldn't take from him."

A love for family and for God. "Love ever, hurt never" -- a saying Tony lived by.

The family tells News13 they have filed a police report with the Walton County Sheriff's Office following the burglary and an investigation is ongoing.