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Farm Bill Expiration Date Nears

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Nearly one year ago the need for budget cuts to the Federal Farm Bill resulted in an extension that expires in just a few days.

The Farm Bill expires September 30th. Now, that doesn't mean that Monday afternoon farmers across the nation will be hopeless or that you will instantly see a dramatic rise in your grocery bill.

According to Florida Peanut Producers Association Director, Ken Barton, farmers will continue to plant and harvest this year's crop without missing a beat.

However, if a Farm Bill is not passed by the end of this year, farmers could take a financial hit.

The legislation provides a safety net for farmers to be guaranteed some type of return on investment. If that safety net were to vanish farmers would be more inclined to grow feed or hold livestock rather than fruits and veggies. Director Barton is hopeful a Farm Bill compromise is made before the year's end, "Without some sort of safety net, agriculture lending institutions would be hesitant to lend farmers money to operate farms if there is not a Farm Bill in place."

Once the farm bill expires on Monday federal officials will work to find a financial compromise between the nutrition programs and farm programs.