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Fall Red Snapper Season Takes A Hit

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The fall red snapper season is officially underway. Thursday was the third day to hook the red fish but weather conditions may prevent any more fishing for the rest of the week.

People aboard the North Star Express baited their hooks and dropped lines into rough Gulf waters. Waves were three to five feet high today due mainly to tropical storm Karen. The fall Red Snapper season runs from October first through the fourteenth for federal waters. State waters run seven more days to the twenty-first.

According to North Star Express Captain, Erich Barber, he won't taking any more fishing trips until the gulf waters calm, "This might be our last day fishing. It all depends on what it does. If it goes to the west, we might be alright but what I seen on the weather this morning, looked like everything was coming this way so it's hard to say. Today might be our last day until Monday or Tuesday."