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Bethel Villages Opens at New Location

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The Rescue Mission is relocating and expanding it's Bethel Village for women and children.

This addition is in line with the shifting focus of the mission, as it will provide more room and the chance to help more women with addiction recovery.

The new property has recently undergone some major renovations and there is still more to go before it is complete, but they are excited for the extra space.

Volunteers from all walks of life have worked tirelessly over the past few weeks to get the new Bethel Village ready for it's residents.

"From tree trimmers to plumbers, to plumber to people who came to clean, to people who have brought us food, we have had a variety of volunteers," said Rev. Cathy Byrd, Director of Women and Families, Panama City Rescue Mission.

 The new property will replace be able to provide more than just shelter to 51 women and children who need it. It will replace the facility, on Transmitter Road, which is currently used as a Bethel Village.

"For some it might just be a stop along the way for a night or two.. for others it may be a place to heal from some sort of crisis.. for still others its going to be a long-term place with a lot of intense work as they recover for addiction," said Byrd.

Staffed by volunteers, employees, and former students, it almost doubles the women's capacity the mission has had in the past. The facility takes burden off of the rescue mission main campus and will create more open space there for men.  

"This is going to be a great asset and we believe more women will be able to get off the streets and get themselves together and be able to go back and have a happy and fulfilled life," said Rev. Henry Hazard, President of the Board for the Panama City Rescue Mission.

"It's going to be a lot better for the students that are already at Bethel, not only because it's more space, but there is going to be a lot more opportunity for women who are just starting with Bethel," said Mickey Watts, Bethel student.

A total of sixteen women will spend their first night in the new building, Friday night.