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Mosley's Bo Kelly- Scholar Athlete of the Week

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When it comes to baseball, Mosley senior Bo Kelly feels at home. He was part of last year's Class 6A State runner up team, but it's on the golf course, where Bo is shining the brightest, as he's making an impact on a team he just kind of fell into.

"Me and my friend did it as a joke kind of," laughed Bo. "Not really as a joke, because I knew I was going to make the team, but he did it as a joke, and I just did it anyways."

"I didn't really know how he'd perform, but I figured he could swing a bat, so I figured he could swing a golf club," said Dolphin head golf coach Todd Harless, who also coaches Bo on the baseball diamond.

It turns out, Bo can swing a golf club pretty well, as in his second season with the Dolphins, Bo's the number one guy, sporting the team's lowest nine hole average, and tying for medalist honors at a match last month.

"Being a two sport athlete, and playing baseball, where there's a lot of high pressure situations and if he hits a bad shot, he forgets about it," said Harless. "He can mentally go to the next shot and not let it bother him. If you start thinking negative, you're in trouble."

"Right now I just doing it for fun to give me something to do," said Bo. "I just did golf as a side thing other then baseball, and then I just got good."

It's Bo's easy going nature that the team looks to ride to back to back district championships- and improve on their third place finish at Regionals. His success isn't just limited to the links- as Bo balances AP and Honors classes while making the grade.

"To do school and golf is a pain, because of my homework and all that," said Bo. "It's not hard, I can get it done."

"He's a hard working kid, for one," said Harless. "He never complains about anything. For anybody that has a GPA above a 3.5 that has AP classes and is dual enrolled, that's very impressive."

Impressive- especially for a kid who tried out for the team as part of a joke.