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Burglaries Target Lawn Equipment in the Cove, Panama City

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Whether it's a primary business or just something on the side, some people make their living off having a green thumb. But, now thieves are supplementing their income by stealing lawn equipment from your yard.

"A Majority of things taken are hand tools, mechanic type equipment, and lawn equipment," said Detective John Wray of the Panama City Police Department. "Things they can get really quickly and sell."

And that's exactly the type of the things a watchful homeowner found Jonathon Lucas Wolfe reportedly stealing from his utility trailer in the 200 block of Hamilton Avenue.

"He was spotted by the home owner who approached him and he fled the scene," said Wray.

A neighbor then caught Wolfe on his home security camera which eventually led Panama City Police to an arrest, but that was not before they say he got his hands on some pretty expensive lawn equipment.

"During the interview he said that this is something that's going on a lot by people in the Downtown and the in St. Andrews area," said Wray.  

Wray says these types of criminals are on foot, in their cars, or riding around on their bikes looking for the opportune moment.

"They are looking for easy targets," said Wray. "People need to lock their stuff up. Anything of any value, because these guys are just driving by and taking anything they can get."

And the numbers tell the tale: of 45 burglaries in the past two weeks within the city of Panama City, seven have happened in the Cove. Remember you're not just susceptible at night. This particular incident happened at 2:30 in the afternoon in broad daylight.

Police are still looking for the rightful owner of the leaf blower. If you think it's yours contact Panama City Police Department at 872-3112.

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