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Store Clerk Prevents Woman from Being Scammed Again

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The Bay County Sheriff's Office was recently alerted to a phone scam in the Bay County area when a concerned clerk at a local drugstore stepped in to prevent an elderly lady from being victimized again.

When the victim entered the store a second time to wire money to a person named "Shaye Natasia Turner" the clerk at CVS on Panama City Beach became concerned and notified the manager. The manager spoke to the woman who wasn't sure why she was sending the money, only that she had been told to do so by a man who kept calling her. The manager called the BCSO and investigators interviewed the victim.

The victim stated she had been getting phone calls from a man from Jamaica who told her to send money. She estimated she had sent over $3000 to "Shaye" in Jamaica. The victim had saved the phone number in her home phone. Deputies went to her home to retrieve the number. While there, a man identifying himself as Peter Baker called the victim numerous times. When deputies attempted to talk with him, he hung up only to call again in a few minutes. The phone number was 896-271-1407 and matched the number of the man who had been instructing the victim to wire money.

The elderly are often targeted by scammers, but anyone can be victimized. If you believe you have been victimized contact local law enforcement.


Information provided by the Bay County Sheriff's Office