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Drivers Complain About Barricades on Some Springfield Streets

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For quite some time, drivers along some streets in Springfield have encountered obstacles at certain locations.  They can be aggravating for not only the drivers but nearby residents.   Details on what we learned in this Problem Solver report.

Some motorists in Springfield see one in particular on Fifth Street almost every day.  "it is really bad.  You can mess your tires up.  And you have to go over on the road over there," says Gwendolyn Sanders.  Mary Goodwin tells us, "I think it is hard on peoples' vehicles and it is a hazard at night for people who cant see what's going on."

According to Springfield public works, there are about eight remaining pavement collapses next to sewer manholes in the city.  At one time, there were fifteen.  Problems… made worse by heavy rains and flooding.

Clayton Vaughan lives almost directly in front of one of the collapses on Fifth Street in Springfield and says the problem has gotten worse in the last few months.  Vaughan says he has heard the collisions with the barricade at night.  This is possibly due to drivers not seeing the barricade in time. 

So why has it taken so long to make the repairs?  Springfield Public Works Director Lee French says, "it is not a go out there and fix in twenty minutes...lot of these jobs take time.  We are getting to them as quick as we can. We don't want to inconvenience anybody.  Wish we could fix (them) overnight.  Lot of these are six seven feet deep…some fifteen to twenty feet deep."  French says that out of service caution light on the Fifth Street barricade…will be fixed.

He also says repairs will be very expensive and, "We are not talking about 400 or 500 hundred dollars talking about on up in the thousands…several hundred thousands.  The worse ones we are going ahead and having fixed."

Lee French says contractors are working on those now.  He says the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will be stepping in to provide disaster assistance funds due to the problems being connected to summer flooding.  Hopefully, the work can step up soon to complete the street repairs.