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Commissioner Pushes to Maintain Alleyway Clean-up Program

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In this part of Panama City alleyways line the neighborhoods for the past two years Commissioner Kenneth Brown has led an effort to clean them out now he wants to keep them that way.

"When I got to be commissioner I figured that would be my first project," said Brown.  

And the project has gathered good reports among residents living in the Glenwood communities, where alleyways are common.

"It gives people hope if they see something like that happening," said Brown. "They think 'Well maybe something else will happen, maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.'"

And that light has come quite literally for people living along the alleyways. Residents like Malcom Sheffield have homes right along the corridors.

"I've lived here for over 40 years," said Sheffield.  

He and others living along these corridors use the space for convenience.

"So, I can go in and out of my house," he said. "Rather than backing out of my driveway all the time."

"You need access to your back to the back of your house," said Roy Massalina Sr. "That's a big part of what's going on now. That's why it needs to be attended to more thoroughly."

But now keeping the project going means maintaining it for Brown. At Tuesday's commission meeting Brown mentioned outside resources for additional help -- possibly an inmate program.

"If we can tie into that and we have more workers we can get more work done," said Brown. "We can probably implement more of the funds towards the county and the city and it would also tie us together and we can get more things done by working on an inter-local agreement."

And his constituents agree the project is worth keeping around.

"I'm behind him 100%," said Massalina.  

"I will support any effort," said Sheffield. "I would even get out here and help them!"

The Community Redevelopment Agency and Commissioner Brown are in talks about how to set up an agreement between the city and the jail to incorporate an inmate working partnership.

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