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Breakfast Point Academy Teacher Sharing Unique Lesson

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Some Breakfast Point Academy middle school students are learning a lot more than what's in their textbooks.

"We are learning how to count in Japanese, and once you learn one through ten, you can pretty much get the rest of the numbers," said Kylee Lynn.

Eighth grade language arts and drama teacher Scott Rogers is teaching his students how to speak Japanese.

"I love learning about different cultures out of the country, and Mr. Rogers lived in Japan for ten years," said Lynn.

Rogers spent nearly a decade teaching English to students in Japan. While he was attending Florida State University, he was presented with the opportunity and decided he would go for at least a year.

"I could only eat Kentucky Fried Chicken for my first year because I was afraid to order from anywhere else. They [KFC] had an English menu there so in order to stop eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, I had to learn to speak Japanese," said Rogers.

Now that he is home, Rogers is sharing those experiences with his students.

So far, they're learning introductions, how to count, and the differences between the Japanese and American cultures.

"As opposed to 'nice to meet you,' instead you say 'I'm trouble for you,' which is a very different way of thinking," said Rogers. "I think students have to learn that. I think it really engages them because they say this is not how we do it here."

Rogers also started multiple after school clubs at Breakfast Point Academy, where students learn about Japan and its culture.

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