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A Second Chance With Short Term Alternative

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The Jackson County School System is pioneering a program that works to keep suspended children off the streets and provide them a productive atmosphere to ride out their punishment. It's called the Short Term Alternative Program or STA.

The school board approved the new suspension method last year and suspended middle and high school students are seeing what it's all about. Superintendent Steve Benton mirrored the program from a successful Alabama school system.

In recent years suspended students are rarely supervised leading to more trouble for the student. Often times homework assigned during the punishment wasn't completed. Now suspended students are picked up from home and brought to the Jackson Alternative School. Once there students are given their assignments, lunch and the opportunity to stay out of trouble.

Principal Phyllis Daniels believes her staff is molding these children for a productive future, "Once we get those students, we are committed at this school to address the behavioral challenges and provide them with an academic foundation that will enable them to be productive once they enter the world of work."