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Daniels' Motion Denied, Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

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Circuit Judge James Fensom sentenced Edward Daniels Jr. to 10 years in prison Friday for manslaughter.

Daniels, 22, was convicted Aug. 29 after Assistant State Attorney Larry Basford showed jurors that Daniels had been put on notice that his two dogs, Fat Boy and MJ, posed a danger to the people of his Kelly Court neighborhood. On April 2, those dogs, one a pit bull the other a bulldog, attacked and killed 7-year-old Tyler Austin Jett. The dogs had chased another boy through the neighborhood before finding Tyler in his front yard.

Five days earlier, the two dogs had escaped Daniels' yard and threatened several neighbors, many of whom reported the incident to Daniels and told him to restrain his dogs. Daniels was cited by Animal Control that day for his dogs being unrestrained and aggressive. Basford said there had been earlier instances of the dogs escaping Daniels' yard, but he'd done nothing more than "half-hearted" attempts at repairing a "dilapidated" fence.

Fensom ordered Daniels to serve five years probation following his prison sentence. A condition of his probation would be that he could not own dogs or live in a household where there were dogs. Daniels also will have to pay more than $5,000 in restitution during his probation.


Information provided by the State Attorney's Office

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