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One on One with FWC's Stan Kirkland on Bear Resistant Trash Cans

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In the fall, the world is an all you can eat buffet for Florida black bears.

They naturally work to pack on the pounds for the winter, and that means they can smell your leftover pizza in the garbage.

Recently...the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission put a bear resistant garbage can to the test.

"There's two things they can do. One they can retrofit their existing garbage cans another words, they can get em ah, for about 15 dollars they can get clasps that can go on their garbage can that secure the garbage not talking about bungee cords, I'm talking about putting clasps on the garbage cans where you can lock them in place." says FWC officer Stan Kirkland. "The second thing is they can also put a build a caddy, a bear caddy is ah, I would it is basically a small wooden structure made out of 2 by 4's or 2 by 6's that you can put. You can roll your garbage can in. You have a lock on it. You lock it in there and the bear can't get in there to it."

If you don't want to make your own, check with your city or trash pick up service to see if they carry the FWC approved bear resistant cans.

As for the bear in the video that got to test the resistant can, Kirkland says he was treated plenty of goodies at the end of the 30-minute test.