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Marianna Fire & Rescue Teach Preschoolers Fire Safety

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According to the National Fire Protection Association almost 62% of deaths in home fires occur with no working smoke alarms. Statistics like that fuel the need for national fire safety week. In Marianna Fire & Rescue personnel visited a preschool to get the word out Friday.

The Jackson County Early Childhood center hosted Marianna Fire and Rescue for a hands on learning experience. Over 180 children, ages two to three, were introduced to what a firemen looks like in the event of a fire. Kids learned what an axe and halligan tool look like and how they are used. Firemen Clint Watson spoke to children about calling 9-1-1 if they see a fire. If they are stuck in a burning room, he stressed they should never hide from firemen.

Firemen Watson believes teaching children a young age about fire safety is a necessity, "We are here to help. And we are here to help them out and for them not to be afraid of us. It's mainly about introduction and also that they know what steps to take if there is an emergency of a fire." Throughout the week Marianna Fire & Rescue visited with other schools in Marianna for Fire Prevention Week.