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October is National Dental Hygiene Month

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A toothbrush can be your best friend, especially during the month of October.

The American Dental Hygienists Association has proclaimed this month National Dental Hygiene Month.

The Panama City Dental Studio says this is the time to talk about oral health, but every month of the year is when it's time to practice it.

Getting a regular check up with your dentist is key.

"If the are brushing and flossing at home and taking good care, their appointments are quick and easy here and there's not much to it," said Stephanie Dybdul, Dental Hygienist. "It's the people who wait until there is a crisis and are already in pain when they come in.. so, it's not pleasant at first, but we always try to explain that's why we want to see you every 6 months."

It's what you do in between check-ups that matters most.

The ADHA recommends brushing at least twice a day, for 2 minutes each time, flossing everyday, rinsing with mouthwash as needed, and chewing sugar-free gum after meals.

"I always recommend floss first to kind of get everything out, then brush, then rinse with a fluoride rinse."

Forgetting about your mouth health can lead to much more serious things.

"A lot of people that have high blood pressure, which is a lot of people, or heart problems a lot of times we can go back and look in their mouth and figure out that they had other things going on."

Dybdul says it pretty common for people to smudge the truth in the dentist office about their oral heath routines, but one thing to keep in mind is not to be scared.

"It's like everyone has had that one traumatic experience that has scarred them fore life from going to any dentist, so don't be afraid."

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