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Working Through The Shutdown At Marianna Federal Correctional Institution

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Two weeks ago the government failed to reach an agreement on the Affordable Care Act resulting in furloughed workers across the country. However, one institution in the panhandle has over 300 federal employees putting in 40 hours a week… with no pay stub in sight.

For Essential Federal Employees, like the workers at the Federal Correctional Institution in Marianna, going home while the government sorts out its financial issues isn't an option.

The 325 employees are working to achieve one goal, keep the community safe.

The shutdown went into effect six days into a pay period and workers received that pay stub yesterday.

Unlike furloughed workers they are not able to get a part time job due to their essential status.

According to Council President of Prison Locals 33, Jeff Godwin, the shutdown has also taken away leave causing sick employees or employees with sick children to question if they will see a paycheck.

 President of Prison Locals 33, Jeff Godwin, is frustrated with the government's inability to resolve the Affordable Care Act crisis, "The talking heads on Radio and television are saying that it's not really impacting the country all that severely. But I would challenge you to come talk to the average employee who's leaving here not knowing how they are going to pay their mortgage for the next month."