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Bay District Schools Unveils New App for Phones and Tablets

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Do you need to contact your child's school, find out what's on the lunch menu, or curious about upcoming school events?

For Bay County parents, finding important information is available at your fingertips. There's now an "app" for that.

Anyone with Apple or Android operating software on a smart-phone or tablet can download the free application. Just search "Bay District Schools" in the device's store.

Find download instructions here.

Within the application, you can find a newsfeed, calendar, contact information, and quick links to things such as Parent Portal.

"You download one App, and then you choose what you want to be connected to. You can be connected to our District and any school," said Rhonda Sumpter, with the district's Instructional Technology and Media Services. "If you have multiple students at different schools, then you can download all the schools at one time and have those newsfeeds and push notifications send to your mobile device."

The district launched the application just last week so leaders said it's still a work in progress. As they receive feedback, they'll make adjustments and add features.

Sumpter said the app is designed not to replace the website or any other communication but give parents an additional way to keep in touch with their child's school.

"Just about everybody now is connected through their mobile devices, and even parents who maybe don't have computers at home, they usually have some type of phone," said Sumpter. "People can easily connect. That's the whole idea is to engage and help our parents and schools stay connected."

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