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Church Seeks Volunteers To Package 240,000 Meals in One Day

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Picture this: a room full of 160 volunteers packaging 240,000 meals in just four hours. It may seem impossible to some, but volunteers at Christ the King Episcopal Church in Santa Rosa Beach are doing just that on November 9th.

Around the world, more than 25 thousand people die each day from hunger related illnesses. It's a global epidemic in need of a global impact according to the church. They are seeking volunteers to end hunger one Ziploc bag at a time.

On this World Food Day, it was a dry run on a much smaller scale for volunteers; but, in just under a month, they're hoping for 40 times as many volunteers to join the moment – a very busy movement.

"It's a continuous stream of action going on," said event coordinator, Ruth Rosselle.

Henry Ford has nothing on this grand assembly line, in which Rosselle participated first hand in  a similar event earlier this year. That event inspired Rosselle to bring it back home.

"It was so inspiring to me and, of course, to a lot of people to actually fill the bags and know that the bags that you filled were going to children who are hungry," she said.

The parent organization is called ‘Stop Hunger Now'. They provide participating groups with the dry ingredients to create bags containing 6 meals consisting of rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables, and vitamins. These are meals that often can mean the difference in life and death for the children and their families who've received them.

"This is a free offering of our gifts and abilities to people who we will never see, we'll never hear from, but who are desperately in need," said church rector, Father Frank Cooper

"I know a lot of us give money to charities, but then we write a check and it's gone. We don't really see the results. This made me think, 'my goodness, I'm touching the food -- not literally because we're wearing gloves and a lovely hair net -- but I'm touching the food that is going to be opened by children in Uganda or Haiti or wherever there are starving people," said Rosselle.

The drive will take place in two "shifts" on November 9; one beginning at 9 am and ending at 11 pm and the other at 1- 3:30 pm.  If you can contribute the entire day it will be from 9 am-4 pm.

Volunteers will also be needed to provide refreshments for the workers.

If you have any questions you may contact Ruth Rosselle, event coordinator, at 850-231-4083.