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Smokey the Bear Visits Bozeman School

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Friday morning students at Bozeman Elementary School had a surprise guest form the Florida Forest Service.

Smokey the Bear taught students about fire safety through one timeless saying, "Only you can prevent forest fires." Smokey the Bear was the star of the presentation. Students learned not to play with matches, how to completely put out camp fires and when burning leaves you must never leave your fire unattended.

According to Florida Forest Service Spokesperson, Brian Goddin, speaking to children at such a young age prepares kids for a safe future, "Kids learn a lot at this age and when you present such a positive and fun message, we tried to have fun with it and I think it showed in the presentation and the kids will remember that and they will take this message and not only apply them now but as they grow up."

 According to the Florida Forest Service nine in ten forest fires are started by humans. The service hopes to lower that number through fire safety education.