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Keep Laundry Detergent Pods Away from Children

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Here is a News 13 Problem Solver safety alert.  It deals a popular way to use laundry detergent.  Those little pods of detergent are so great and you may have them at home like my family does.  But, if kids get their hands on these, they can potentially be dangerous.

Laundry pods are increasingly the choice of consumers.  No spills to worry about. They are pre-measured.  The coating of the pod dissolves in the wash.  But, some children apparently mistake these colorful pods for candy and there is the problem.  "They can be swallowed…which caused excessive vomiting or they can get a little bit inhaled when they get that caustic taste in their mouth.," says Dr. Sarah Normandin, Associate Director of the Gulf Coast Medical Center Pediatric Emergency Room.  Dr. Normandin also says, "There have been some kids who needed to be intubated having to be on a ventilator for long periods of time."

It can be worse. A Central Florida infant died in august after he ate a laundry detergent pod.  ABC News reports that the baby boy, who lived with his mom at a shelter in Kissimmee, was less than a year old.  The child was rushed to a hospital where he died.  No charges were brought against the mother.

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, last year there were more than  6200 (6,231) children accidentally exposed to laundry pods.  This year, numbers from just January to July, show that the number had already risen to more than 5700 (5,753) incidents.

Some detergent makers have been proactive dealing with the potential danger.  Proctor and Gamble, not involved in any way with the Florida child's death, has changed its tide laundry pod container...from what looked like a candy jar…to an orange opaque container with triple latch.

Dr Normandin advises parents, "You should definitely keep your laundry pods put away out of the reach of children even if they have never done anything like that before there is always a first time."

If you do find that your child has swallowed laundry detergent, here is a phone number to keep handy.  1-800-222-1222…It is a 24-hour Poison Help Line.