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Community Helps Panama City Widow after Car Accident

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The story of Sylvester Storey, known as "Buck" to many, and his wife Tasha Bradford is reaching thousands of people across our community. It's a story of love, support, and what so many are calling a tragedy.

Tasha lost her husband and a leg in a car accident on the drive home from her honeymoon.

Hundreds of people, both friends and strangers, are turning to social media and fundraising tools to help the widow.

"He would be overjoyed. Buck would be so overjoyed at the thought of everyone helping the woman he loved," said Pastor Joshua Gay of High Praise Worship Center in Callaway.

Pastor Gay married Buck and Tasha on October 19th at the church.

"He said 'she made me wait two years before she said yes to marry me, but I would have waited 20 if I got her at the end.' They just really loved each other."

They drove to Tennessee for their honeymoon, spent a week in the mountains celebrating their new life together, but on their way home, the couple was in a car accident, which killed Buck and sent Tasha to a Georgia hospital with life-threatening injuries.

"The day that we got there, she was swollen. She has a neck brace. She had tubes in her mouth. She couldn't even speak," said Tori Cooper, Tasha's Sister-in-law.

Tasha lost her leg in the accident, but less than two weeks later, her family and friends said her injuries aren't keeping her or her spirits down.

"It's so inspiring to watch someone in the face of such tragedy, remain so positive and remain so up," said Pastor Gay.

While friends and family will remain by Tasha's side, thousands of people are sharing her story on social media and have donated thousands of dollars.

"I found this website GoFundMe, set up an account there, and it sort of exploded," said friend of the couple, Jason Harris.

Harris who knew the couple through church, created a donation page on GoFundMe where you can find updates on Tasha's conditions and a place to donate any money.

"She would thank everybody for all their prayers, for all their support, for everything," said Pastor Gay.

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