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ONE on ONE with Thurman Chambers

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For decades, The Panama City Rescue Mission has helped thousands of people in need. The non profit organization has been successful over the years thanks to private donations from the community. But this year has been  different. A financial crisis has forced some changes at the mission...
Executive Director Thurman Chambers was brought in to straightened things out. He says the Mission is working on a new future. "I have cut more staff, Chambers says, but you have to continue to do that"

The Mission has 12 step programs to help those addicted to drugs or alcohol. They also continue to serve dinner to the homeless and hungry. They minister to at least 150 people per day.

The Mission has come on hard times. They are trying to raise money through private donations and fundraisers.  The Festival of Trees is coming up first week of December. But the non profit gets no government money, so it depends on the generosity of residents.