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ONE on ONE with Gov. Charlie Crist (taxes)

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The Governors race here in Florida isn't until next year, but it's already heating up. Gov. Rick Scott is being challenged by former Governor Charlie Crist. Crist governed as a Republican, but switched parties and is now running as a Democrat.

On the issue of money, Crist says he doesn't want to raise taxes, but leaves the door open to the possibility. "I have raised taxes in the past, says Crist, I passed a tax on cigarettes,  but I am not for raising taxes, if we don't have to, but if we need to,  I'll do it". The former Governor says it would take a crisis of some kind for him to consider a tax hike. Florida's state tax still stands at six percent.

Crist  also says if elected, he will support legalizing gay marriage, and medical marijuana .