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Marianna Police Warning Residents of Possible Scam

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On 11-19-2013 an alert citizen came to the Marianna Police Department asking that we warn the public about a scam attempt made upon him via the postal service.  The un-named Marianna citizen received a letter and an enclosed check from THE NATIONAL LOTTERY; which claims to have offices in England, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Sweden.

The letter asks the potential victim to cash the check at their bank and send the money back in two payments for tax and processing via Western Union Money Graham.  The location to send the money to; is given to the victim once they have cashed the check.  The letter asks the victim to call a phone number to receive the location to send both payments.  The promise (or hook) to entice the victim is that once the victim sends both payments totaling $2920.00 dollars to the SCAMMER they will send you another check for $150,000.00 dollars.

The scammer is hoping that out of every one hundred of these letters that they send out that someone will take the bait within the first few days that it takes the check to clear the victim's bank and be identified as a forgery.  The scammer makes $2920.00 dollars for very little effort and the victim is left in a state of depression owing their bank $2920.00 dollars

 A web search using the term: The National Lottery Letter; immediately displays results indicating that there is a continuing SCAM going on and warns all persons to beware.  The postal routing on the envelope shows that the scam letter came from or through Canada.  Our alert citizen was on his toes though, and realized the letter was too good to be true and was a scam.

The Marianna Police Department and all law enforcement have the highest praise for alert citizens who accept their civil responsibility and watch out for the wellbeing of their fellow man and report such scams.  If you believe you have been the target of a scam; please do not hesitate to give us a call so that we can get the word out and make it possible to prevent victimization, and remember that SCAMS can come from all forms of communication be it face to face, the phone, postal service, or the internet.


Information provided by the Marianna Police Department