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Deer Point Drawdown Scheduled for December 12

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On Thursday, Dec. 12, Bay County Utilities will begin a winter drawdown of Deer Point Reservoir, as requested by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

The drawdown is aimed at reducing the number of weeds growing in the reservoir by killing them due to exposure to freezing temperatures. The action, according to the FWC, would serve to decrease nuisance aquatic vegetation, improve boater access and enhance fish and wildlife habitat.

The effort is expected to last 45 days until Jan. 30, barring unexpected interruptions outside Bay County Utilities' control such as heavy rainfalls that could raise water levels and extend the drawdown's timetable. FWC requests that the reservoir be drawn down to an average target depth of 24 to 36 inches.

Waterfront property owners should plan during this time to make repairs to their docks and bulkheads. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) must approve any major projects, and owners contemplating repairs should contact FDEP to determine whether a permit is necessary and to obtain a permit so work may be completed during the drawdown period.

For more information, please call Bay County Utility Services at 248-5010.


Information provided by the Bay County Commission

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