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Jackson County Teachers Get Pay Raise

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Nearly a year ago, Governor Rick Scott decided to give back to teachers by giving them raises.

$2,500 was the magic number. However, not all counties received enough money to meet that goal.

The Jackson County School District received more than $1.5 Million from the state to distribute. The School Board decided the money should go to teachers and other staff members, but not administrative positions.

The amount of the raises vary between $2,000 and $2,500, depending on the amount of time a teacher has worked in the school system.

Teachers were not the only staff receiving raises.

The school board used $160,000 from the general fund to give media specialist, guidance counselors, and speech specialist a raise, too.

Teachers also received their STEP increase, an average of about 1.62%.

Superintendent Steve Benton said the raises are well deserved and only possible through Governor Scott.

"This is the first decent raise these teachers have received in 4 to 5 years. Without the help of the governor and legislature, this would not have happened because all of us are hurting financially, but this is money he set aside for educators so it's made it easy on us."

Jackson County was recognized by Governor Scott for efficiently distributing their raises.

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