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Northstar Church Feeds 5000 People; Spreads Message of Love

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"If people matter to God, they should matter to us."

This is the motto of one local church who took on a giant task: to feed 5000 people in just one day this Saturday.

With a little work and a lot of faith, Northstar Church is changing lives this holiday season.

"This day has been incredible, stressful, phenomenal and most of all, full of love," said Northstar's East Campus Pastor, Adam Carter.

More than 300 Northstar Church volunteers did the work that Jesus did, partnering with "A Hand Up International" and the "Early Learning Coalition", feeding 5000 and filling a practical need.

"We're providing two weeks worth of meals for them as well as a Thanksgiving meal. The whole purpose behind that is we just want to be generous to our community because we love our community and we really want to represent Jesus Christ to Bay County," said volunteer coordinator, Guy Strickland.

Bay County showed up in mass at three locations across the area. At Northstar's East Bay Campus at Rutherford High School, the line totaled more than 470 family representatives, requiring the gates to close two hours early. This forced people away, but also inspired action.

"We had a few people who were in line to get food and just kinda caught on the generosity train and saw other people who were being turned away. They actually gave away their ticket and put on a wristband to help us volunteer," said Carter.

One of those people was Brittany Brown, who graciously hoisted boxes to help those with a need she's often felt herself.

"Volunteering and helping somebody in need, you get your blessings at the end of the day by knowing that you helped that person and made that person's day," she explained.

In a time that has proven difficult for so many, this was a day of thanks and perspective for the people helped and the people who did the helping.

"Be thankful for the things that you do have and be thankful for the things that you can give," said Brown.

Through this event in 5 counties, Northstar was able to help more than 8,500 families, though they said it's not about the number, but bringing a hope and love to a community in need.