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Springfield Police Force Gets In-Car Radios

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The Springfield Police force will be able to communicate a little bit easier in coming weeks, thanks to some new car radios.

The Panama City Police Department recently surplused their older model radios and sold them to Springfield for a good price.

New police radios usually cost about $3,000 dollars, but Springfield got their hands on 20 used ones for only $100 dollars each.

"I don't want my guys to have to operate with just the walkie-talkies, we have done that long enough," said Chief Philip Thorne, Springfield Police Department.

The Springfield Police Department has been needing a radio upgrade.

"Since I have been chief, I have been looking for sources of funding and have not found them.

Panama City was able to buy a whole new system from a Homeland Security Grant. That got me thinking, I contacted Chief Ervin and we got the wheels turning," said Thorne.

New police radios, like these, usually cost about $3,000 dollars. They bought the radios from PCPD for only $100 each. After installation and reprogramming costs are added in, the total purchase will be about seven thousand dollars.

"The best part of this is that we were able to get it accomplished without using tax dollars. That's absolutely the best thing."

The money comes from the police forfeiture fund.

"Drug investigations that we have made, we've seized a couple of cars over the years and we have money in the forfeiture fund from that. So, we thank the bad guys for helping us be safer to do our job better."

Each of their 20 cars will be outfitted with a radio which will greatly improve officer communication.

"There are weaknesses.. Weather conditions or when you get up on the north end there are a few spots where it gets scratchy. You get a more powerful radio that emits a stronger transmission and we wont have any more problems at all whatsoever."

Chief Thorne says they will take each of the cars in, one by one to get the radios and antennas installed. They hope to have the process completed in a month or so.