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Pay Raises for Bay Haven Charter Academy, Inc. Teachers

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Bay District School's teachers are set to receive a pay raise this year after the District and teacher's union reached an agreement on how to distribute state funding last week.

Bay County's charter schools are also receiving state funds for teacher pay raises this school year. Bay Haven Charter Academy's CEO said the academy hasn't seen the state funding yet, but the teachers are seeing a larger paycheck.

"We have five schools, five cost centers, so each cost center received a different amount, so then when you divide the money up, it's a different amount for each one of the teachers," said Chief Education Officer Dr. Tim Kitts.

Bay Haven Charter Academy, Inc. leaders agreed how to distribute their portion of state funding for teacher raises in July.

It's a rough estimate, but Kitts said each eligible teacher within the academy received in the neighborhood of a $2,400 to $2,500 pay raise depending on experience, benefits, and taxes.

Kitts said teachers received raises beginning in August, but the academy hasn't received state funds, yet. Leaders are currently pulling funds from other pots of money to pay teachers the additional amount.

"We were waiting on Bay District Schools for them to finish negotiating with their union, and our paperwork could not go forth to the state until the District was ready with theirs, and we had no problem with that."

Kitts said they'll replenish that pot of money when they do receive the state funds.

"Whether it's in public charter schools or traditional public schools, teachers are some of the hardest working individuals in America, and they deserve this."

Kitts also won a "Champion Pioneer" award at the 2nd Annual Champions for Charter Schools Award Ceremony last week. He was recognized for the achievements at Bay Haven Charter Academy, Inc. but gives all the credit to the staff, teachers, students, and parents.

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