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Holmes County Sheriff's Office Performs Active School Shooter Exercise

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It can all happen in the blink of an eye. A gunman inside a school can take innocent lives and sometimes even their own.

"It can happen anywhere," said Eddie Dixon, Superintendent for Holmes County school. "Holmes County is a small rural county and a lot of times these things happen in small rural places."

That's why deputies from spent Monday in school -- training for an active shooter scenario.

"It gives that sense of what it would really be like when you're going into an actual situation," said Terry Schenk.

Schenk is Monday's exercise director. He says these types of drills put law enforcement in real life situations that force them to make decision quickly while dealing with distractions and emotional turmoil.

"So they may even have to bypass somebody that is shot because the goal is to get that shooter before he can get more people," said Schenk.

"It gets your heart rate going," said Sergeant Tyler Harrison of Holmes County Sheriff's Office. "It kind of gives you a realistic feel of what an actual gun fight is like."

For Harrison and other deputies, their objective is clear.

"First and foremost, you want to stop the threat," said Harrison. "Any way possible."

According to Schenk these types of shootings last on average around five to seven minutes. Making it imperative for first responders to be well versed.

"Some of the shooters know that they don't have such a huge law enforcement presence in rural communities," said Schenk. "It makes it all that much more important for these folks to go through this type of training."

"I feel better," said Dixon. "I feel like we are more prepared.

"It will still be a tragic thing to have to deal with, but I feel like we are a little bit better prepared if it did happen on any one of our campuses."

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