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Problem Solver Side Camp Road

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A road in West Bay gets the attention of News 13.  Residents say there is not much control over traffic there and they are looking for any kind of help.  That's the focus of this week's Problem Solver.

Frank Banyai is worried about speeding drivers at times on Side Camp Road in Bay County and says, "It is just a matter that these guys are coming thru too fast."

Side Camp Road is located just off of Highway 79 in West Bay just south of the big bridge.  Banyai tells us he has talked with law officers about the problem but, "they can't have a man here all day watching."  He says most of the traffic is headed to hunting areas west of Highway 79 or logging trucks.

Scott Hutto lives across the street from Banyai and says the speeders get worse on the weekends.  Another concern, pets.  Frank Banyai tells us, "We each have animals and no matter how hard we try to keep them in…it is just hard."

Scott Hutto says video from his home surveillance cameras shows some of the speeding vehicles.  Hutto says his wife has tried to signal speeders to slow down and, "Especially when there are kids over there next door.  Cause you never know if they are going to step out or when my grandkids are here at the house."

On the day we were there, drivers seemed to be obeying the 30 mile per hour limit.  But, Banyai says this is not the case other times.  So, what is the best solution?  Banyai says, "Speed bumps.  Just a matter of one, two, maybe three speed bumps.  This will help."

We contacted Bay County about the speed bump request.  Since Side Camp is not maintained by the county, it is considered a private road and the residents would have to pay for and install speed bumps -- on their own.

After contacting the Bay County Sheriff's Office last Friday, Major Tommy Ford says an officer has already talked with Frank Banyai about his concerns.  Traffic enforcement will be stepped up to monitor speeds in the area for now.  And, a determination will be made on what else to do, if anything, about traffic speeds.