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Walton County Puts Controversial Ordinances On 90 Day Hold

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Walton County decides to take a step back concerning three proposed ordinances causing headaches for some residents.

They are now devoting 90 days towards new research concerning the potential parking, business tax receipt, and outdoor activities ordinance.

The citizens of Walton County have historically been vocal about potential laws with which they disagree, but seldom do proposed ordinances cause a mobilization.

More than 100 small business owners have grouped together in protest of the proposed parking ordinance that would regulate the number of spaces for new residential and commercial construction.

The group, known as the Walton Small Business Alliance, argued for a blue ribbon committee to be formed to create a better parking solution.

The idea garnered mixed reviews from the board, ultimately leading them to vote on an abatement to do more research.

"The idea is at the end of this 90 days, we will have gathered the information, put some clear direction into what we are trying to accomplish with these three activities and at that time begin the public workshop process so we can move it forward in the public hearings," said County Administrator, Larry Jones.

The County will now take up all three ordinances in March of next year.