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Chunkin' Pumpkins at Thanksgiving Break Camp

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Classes may be out for the Thanksgiving holiday, but a group of students are getting an unusual lesson using a Thanksgiving staple and a catapult.

When school is out, science is in at The Science and Discovery Center. Leaders have found the perfect way to educate the students attending the Thanksgiving Break Camp.

They are Chunkin' Pumpkins. 

"No homework, no reading, just playing," said Gunnar and Jack, two campers who would like to be scientists when they grow up.

Leaders are using the pumpkins to teach their students force and motion.

"One of the most basic science elements is force and motion. Everything we do is force and motion, and what better way to teach kids than through play," said Executive Director, Linda Macbeth.

Each of the oldest students attending camp used a homemade catapult to launch their tiny gourd as far as it would go.

"They are moving, by motion and gravity," said Gunnar and Jack.

Leaders said this is the best way to teach children, and the students barely realize they're learning valuable lessons.

"They were talking to each other and said this is the best camp ever, and I can't ask for anything more than that," said Macbeth.

Wednesday is the last day of Thanksgiving Break Camp.

The Center is also offering two Winter Break Day Camps and a New Years Eve celebration.