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Travelers Face Possible Weather Delays

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Tuesday afternoon's severe weather brought with it chilling temperatures and the potential to wreak havoc on travel times. The storm hit the airport around 11:45 a.m.

Airport Deputy Executive Director, Richard McConnell, staying in constant contact with airports flying to and from the Panhandle is necessary during these weather events, "We watch the internet and also talk to the airlines because the airlines also have their own weather in their computers so they can tell us how it's impacting their travel routes and how it could possibly impact us." McConell says Tuesday and Wednesday are the airports busiest holiday travel days for outbound flights.

Tuesday's severe weather caused minor power glitches at the airport but no flights were delayed or canceled. The threat of delays comes into play Tuesday night and Wednesday as snow is possible for Baltimore, Atlanta and Nashville, three major hubs to the Northwest Florida Airport. During these busy holiday travel days Airport Executive Director, Parker McClellan, has a couple tips to ensure the elements you can control run smoothly, "Plan ahead, when you go through the checkpoint, we all know that security is an emphasis today so make sure that your pockets are empty and have a carry on bag that you can out your wallet, your cell phone and keys in. Another thing, pack your patience. Because remember everybody is traveling today!"

 If you plan to fly anytime this week McClellan says the best way to stay informed on delays and travel times is to call your airlines and also check the weather often.