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13-Year-Old Feeds 24 Families for Thanksgiving

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For many people, Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family and enjoying a good meal. The unfortunate reality is that not all families are fortunate enough to do that.

When Kat Hutt, 13, was nine years old, she thought up a charity that she calls Kidz Do Kare. She helps families in-need, and is a role model for other young adults her age.

"My dad just kind of blew my 9-year-old mind, (he said) there is just not enough food and money for everybody, and I said ok well that's not going to happen anymore," said Hutt.

Her charity, named Kidz Do Kare, was born.

"A bunch of young adults, like for instance me, go out and get donations and go and buy all the makings that you would see on your own thanksgiving table. Then you put it in a big basket and give it to people wouldn't normally have Thanksgiving dinner."

Fast forward four years, and the program has grown beyond expectations.

"I started as a nine year old kid.. I packed 2 baskets. Now I'm sitting here in a huge room with three other people to help me, I'm 13 and packing 24 baskets."

"I think its really cool how she started out with only a couple and now we are up to 24, I think it was.. So that is really cool," said Zander Lovechuck, Hutt's friend and volunteer.

The baskets anonymously go to local families who need them complete with all the fixings to have the perfect thanksgiving dinner, even the turkey. The basket's cost $65 each.

Hutt says she raised the money by talking to a local women's club, and by standing in front of her church every Sunday asking everyone who came by.

She wants to be an inspiration to other kids, and let people know that you don't have to be an adult to give back to the community.

"We don't have any adult help besides the whole drivers license thing.. that's kind of convenient to have," joked Hutt.  "It's just really nice to know that we are young adults and we're still doing this and giving back to our community, without any adult help."

"It feels good to help people and to know that they'll have something to eat on Thanksgiving," said Lovechuck.

Kat says she hopes to do this as long as she can or, she jokes, at least until she's not a kid anymore.