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Go "Out on a Limb", Professionals Talk Tree Care

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Trees need upkeep too -- just ask the professionals.

"Like your teeth you want to get them fixed," said Randy Wright, who has spent 20 years trimming and pruning.  

Wright and his employees know the consequences of waiting too long for tree care.

"It can do a lot of permanent damage as well," he said.  

Like your teeth, trees can see decay and cavities and need maintenance throughout the year.

"There are a lot of signs of a tree with problems," said Wright. "A lot of diseases that people don't know to look for like root rot.

"It's just good to call and get your trees checked out."

That's where his son comes in. Michael Wright has been climbing trees for 6 years and has trumped more than 1,000 of them.

"Something so easy for me can be so hard for many others," said Michael. "But I love it. I live for it."

It's a sport for Michael, which proves trees aren't just "for the birds". Similar to rock climbing, he gives himself two points of attachment so he can easily manage his location on a tree.

"Tree work is one of the more dangerous professions," said Randy Wright. "We have a lot of people every year hurt trying to do their own trees so it's good to call a professional when you can.

Once wright makes it to the top though, it's time for work cutting and using his chainsaw to chip away at the damage.

"It's just not good when it's on the house," said Wright. "It's too late then."

So when the wind comes howling, it may be time to go out on a limb and call in the pros -- the ones who make little bit easier for you to feel at ease about your trees. And if you are thinking about the extra expenses around the holidays, Wright says it's also the cheapest time of year for tree care.

The cooler temperatures the more work can be done.

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